Below you will find the instructional schedule that our staff will follow for the remainder of the school year, starting Tuesday, April 14th.

OPHS Virtual Schedule
8:00-9:00  English HPE/Gifted English HPE/Gifted  
 9:00-10:00  Social Studies Math Social Studies Math Counseling Hours
   10:00-11:00           World Language CTE/FACS World Language CTE/FACS Counseling Hours
 11:00-12:00  Arts Science Arts Science Library Hours
12:00-1:00  Special Education  EL Program Special Education  EL Program Library Hours
    1:00-2:00         Office Hours for above content Office Hours for above content Office Hours for above content Office Hours for above content  

  • Signet/GEMS, AP Seminar/AP Research included in Gifted
  • NJROTC included with CTE
Instructional Time and Office Hours

Teachers may choose to use their content instructional time for interactive or live/synchronous activities. However, teachers may also choose to post instructional videos, assignments, and projects, etc. for students to work in a self-paced manner during the week, and not use this allotted time slot for live activities.

Teachers’ office hours occur in the afternoon on days that their content has an instructional block. Teachers will continue to use previously established methods of communication with students to post instructional activities and communicate with students during office hours. This could be via Microsoft Office 365/Teams, OneNote, Edmodo, email, or other approved tools.

Make-Up Work and Re-Assessment of Learning

OP teachers have planned learning activities to allow students to consolidate learning against objectives that were covered up to March 13. Through these activities our teachers are embedding opportunities for students to show evidence of deeper understanding of concepts. This evidence will then be taken into consideration to amend or adjust third quarter grades as we move toward the end of the quarter, on April 24. As such, our teachers will not simply re-assign each test/quiz/project from third quarter for students to re-take. Each team of teachers will communicate the learning activities students should engage in and how they align with previously covered learning objectives.